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Standards - Incorporation by Reference

Standards - Incorporation by Reference

The aerospace industry depends on technical standards from more than one hundred different standards-developing organizations. If a recent government trend requiring that standards incorporated by reference into rulemakings be made available free on the internet is not reversed, the viability of these critical standards developers will be threatened and…

Industry Innovation and Government Oversight: An Effective Partnership

Industry Innovation and Government Oversight: An Effective Partnership for Safety in the Skies

Taken by any measure, aviation continues to top the list of the world’s safest forms of transportation. In terms of hours flown, number of passengers transported, and number of aircraft in the air – across commercial, general aviation and cargo sectors – the single most dangerous part about flying continues to be, in the…

Engine Icing Working Group Subcommittee on Engine Ground Operations During Heavy Snow

In response to tasking by the FAA as defined in a letter dated July 3, 2013, titled, “Request
Formation of Advisory Group to Address Specific Engine and Installation Icing Issues”, the EIWG has
studied the issue of ground operations of turbine engines during heavy snow conditions. This…

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