Wings of Liberty Award

The Aerospace Wings of Liberty Award is given by AIA to recognize members of Congress who have made significant contributions to the aerospace industry, and have reflected credit upon America and themselves. The award derives its name from a description of aviation's early years from the 1919 Yearbook of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce, which was the predecessor organization of AIA:

"The airplane came at a time when the world urgently need it (WWI). The physical need was great and the mind of man was ready to accept it - so it came with liberty riding upon its wings."

Honorees Include:
Senator John Warner Congressman Jack Murtha
Congressman Doug Bereuter Congressman Bill Young
Congressman James Oberstar Congressman Robert Matsui
Congressman Floyd Spence Senator Carl Levin
Congressman Ben Gilman Congressman Ike Skelton
Congressman Martin Frost Senator Thad Cochran
Congressman Joe Skeen Senator Orrin Hatch
Congressman Norm Dicks Senator Ernest Hollings
Senator Ted Stevens Senator Barbara Mikulski
Congressman Ralph Hall Congressman Duncan Hunter
Congressman Bob Stump Senator Don Nickles
Senator Pat Roberts Congressman Steny Hoyer
Congressman Jim Hansen Congressman David Dreier
Senator Robert Byrd Senator Pete Domenici
Congressman Martin Sabo Congressman Jerry Lewis
Senator Trent Lott Congressman Don Manzullo
Senator Chris Dodd Senator Dan Inouye
Congressman Hal Rogers Congressman Norman Dicks
Congressman Mike Oxley Senator Patty Murray
Senator John Breaux Congressman Buck McKeon
Senator Barbara Mikulski Congressman Harold "Hal" Rogers