Lyman Award

In 1972, the former Aviation/Space Writers Association established this prestigious award in honor of Deac Lyman. Both a distinguished aviation writer for The New York Times and a PR executive for United Aircraft, predecessor of today’s UTC, Deac was widely known for championing high public relations standards and excellence in writing. The award thus honors the winner for distinguished, career-long achievements in aviation journalism or public relations. AIA administers the Lyman Award on behalf of UTC, the award's sponsor.

Past Lyman recipients include:

Guy Norris (2015)
F. Clifton “Clif” Berry, Jr. (2014) Rick Barnard (2013)
David J. Shea (2012) Douglas Kennett (2011)
Douglas Barrie (2010) Graham Warwick (2009)
Jay Donoghue (2008) Mark Sullivan (2007)
Dave North (2006) Walter Boyne (2005)
No award in 2004 No award in 2003
Pierre Sparaco (2002) No award in 2001
Jim Hollahan (2000) Carole Shifrin (1999)
William Schoneberger (1998) No award in 1997
Arthur Reed (1996) No award in 1995
Jim Woolsey (1994) Phil Geddes (1993)
Joe Murphy (1992) Edward Kolcum (1991)
John Taylor (1990) Phil Klass (1989)
Robert Serling (1988) Howard Benedict (1987)
Kenneth Weaver (1986) Dick Witkin (1985)
CV Glines (1984) No award in 1983
Leighton Collins (1982) Marvin Miles (1981)
Eric Bramley (1980) Jerry Hannifin (1979)
Devon Francis (1978) George Haddaway (1977)
Vern Haugland (1976) Wills Player (1975)
Bob Hotz (1974) Wayne Parrish (1973)